Abandoned Mine Closures

4Granite Inc. sets the standard for abandoned mine closures in the High Desert of Southern California. Abandoned mines can be incredibly dangerous places and most require closure to prevent accidents. People usually enter abandoned mines to satisfy their curiosity, but the result of that avoidable action can mean their untimely death. When you enter an abandoned mine you risk encountering cave-ins, falling down shafts, toxins, and even wild animals.

One of the first steps in the proper closure of a mine is an evaluation to determine what type of closure is appropriate. There are six types of mine closures that we consider when evaluating:

1. No Action Needed

Mines that are low risk may not need to be closed. These are usually smaller mines that do not have down-shafts or toxic gas or residue from past mining exploits.

Cupola - Paymaster mesh installation2. Cupolas

Cupolas are used where there is a vertical shaft or where there is a steep decline along a main shaft. They are designed to help meet compliance for bat colonies and are a set of gates that cover the vertical shaft opening. The top is constructed using metal mesh or grating that keeps people out, but allows bats enough room to fly in and out.

Basic Gate Closure3. Basic Gate Closures

A basic gate is a series of horizontal bars that prevent people, and larger animals, from entering a horizontal mine shaft. These are usually placed at the entrance to the mine and are designed to allow bats and small animals access. They can be removed with heavy equipment if human access is needed at a later date.

4. Fences

Fences are used around open pit mines and other areas where accidental entrance may occur. Unfortunately, fences are not a complete deterrent as you cannot completely block the entrance to an open pit mine in the same way that you can for an underground mine. However, a fence is sometimes the best option for large mining openings or even as a barrier to collapsed areas.

5. Grates and Cable Netting

Larger mines that have a system of openings for airflow are often unused by bats. These openings can be closed using grates and cable netting. Grates allow air to circulate, which is important so that gases do not accumulate. Grates and cable netting are strong enough to keep people out, but still allow air flow.

Abandoned Mine Closure - Culverts


6. Culverts

A Culvert is a drain or pipe that allows water to flow under a road, railroad, or similar obstruction. They are typically embedded so as to be surrounded by soil, a culvert may be made from a pipe, reinforced concrete, or other material.

7. Closure by Any Means

Mines that represent extreme danger from multiple vectors should be closed by any means possible. This also means that while the site is dangerous, the owner does not have the funding to put gates in place to prevent accidents from occurring. The usual method of closure for this situation is back-filling the mine.

If you have mines on your property that need to be evaluated for closure, call the experts at 4Granite Inc. Their team can evaluate the mine and surrounding area to help you determine what type of closure is appropriate for you. If a permit is needed, they can help you obtain this and effectively work with any inspection team from federal, state, and local authorities to simplify the process for you.

Call 4Granite Inc. today and let one of their professionals answer your questions.