Southern California Bat Gate Installations4Granite Inc. provides bat gate repair and installation services at cave and mining entrances.


Bats are unique creatures that provide a huge number of benefits to humankind. In the U.S alone, bats provide $86 billion dollars of free pest management services for American agriculture. Cave systems, such as mines, offer the perfect habitat for bats as they often have a stable temperature, even in extreme conditions.

Bat Gates

Bat gates are specialized gates that fit over entrances and openings that are designed to prevent human entry into caves and mines, but still allow bats access to their homes. Bat gates also help the land owner to increase their protection, and consequently decrease their liability, by keeping people out of places where injuries and accidents can be an avoidable occurrence.

Installation of a bat gate requires that the species of bat be initially identified. Bats come in a variety of sizes, so it is important that the particular colony housed in the cave be able to move through the bat gate easily without harm. The openings in the gate must be large enough for the bats to fit through but small enough to prevent human access. This is why 4G initially inspects each site and then constructs a bat gate that is catered to each particular site.

If you have a cave or mine entrance that needs a bat gate, call the experts at 4Granite Inc. to manage the installation.