Project: Kitchen Sewer Line Repairs

Description of Work: Provided sewer line repair services; cut and excavated through tile and concrete sub-flooring inside building as well as in the uncovered ground outside of the building. Replaced cast iron sewer line and installed a 6”, double clean-out. Replaced 80’ of 4″ cast iron sewer line, installed three floor drains, and two floor sinks. Backfilled all excavated areas with clean sand and replaced removed concrete to surrounding tile-level.

Contract Number: 16BS0025 and 16BS0033

Type of Contract: Prime Contract

Agency or Company work performed for: Department of Veterans Affairs – California

Address of Agency or Company: 1227 “O” Street, Room 100
Sacramento, CA 95814

Initial Contract Amount: $42,598.00

Final Contract Amount: $109,338.00 – Increased Scope

Customers Contact Name & Phone: Mark Flores – (760) 252-6348