4Granite Inc. is a certified SDVOSB & DVBE company that provides quality construction services to all of Southern California and the communities of the High Desert. Roads require constant maintenance and repair, especially after storms or extreme weather. The 4Granite Inc. construction team is highly qualified to maintain or repair roads and road surfaces. 4Granite Inc. is licensed by the State of California as an A, B & HAZ construction service. Additionally, the 4Granite Inc. team has over 16 years of experience in construction and heavy equipment construction, including road maintenance.

Road Repair and Maintenance Services

Southern California Road Repair and Maintenance

  • Excavation and surface preparation.
  • Storm damage evaluation, repair, and/or cleanup.
  • Culvert and bridge installation.
  • Demolition of road structures and hazards.
  • Clearing and grubbing of road surfaces, from slides, etc.
  • Preparation of surfaces with gravel base installation.
  • Erosion and sediment control/mitigation.
  • Surface – concrete paving
  • Concrete curb and gutter repair and installation.
  • Concrete sidewalk repair and installation.
  • Concrete and MSE retaining walls repair and installation.
  • Asphalt cold-milling
  • Surface Paving with asphalt.
  • Chip sealing and Slurry sealing.
  • Surface crack sealing

Additional services include environmental cleanup and construction in sensitive areas. 4Granite Inc. has experience in environmental restoration, including wetland construction. The team at 4Granite Inc. can help to clean up road surfaces, maintain or install drainage, or create an entire new roadway system. Rural or urban projects are welcomed.

Services include new road building, maintenance of existing roads or repair services for existing roads. Weatherization of roadways is also a service that is provided by 4Granite Inc. These services may include bridge installation or repair, culvert installation or repair/replace, and installation of a drainage ditch or water evacuation systems. Heavy construction services may also include slope correction to correct or prevent erosion.

The 4Granite Inc. team is capable of working paved, dirt and gravel surfaces. Road repair is best handled as routine maintenance and as such the 4Granite Inc. team is available regularly to maintain roads. The 4Granite Inc. team is also available for emergency services and as a response to an emergency situation that involves road repair, flood abatement, or closures due to landslides or erosion.

If you would like to find out more about how 4Granite Inc. can help you maintain your road systems or for repair service information, please contact the 4Granite Inc. Team today.