4Granite Inc. is an SDVOSB company that provides complete construction services to all of Southern California and the High Desert. 4Granite Inc. is qualified to construct or repair flood control facilities.

The topography of Southern California and many of the surrounding states make these areas prone to flooding. To combat floods, flash floods, and water drainage issues, the 4Granite Inc. team offers a comprehensive evaluation, construction, and repair services for all flood control facility projects.

Southern California Flood Control FacilitiesServices include

  • Drainage Management Planning.
  • Watershed and Stream Corridor Planning.
  • River Construction.
  • Storm Drain Facility Construction.
  • Water collection facilities.
  • Erosion Control Programs.
  • Installation and/or repair of storm sewers,
  • Installation and/or repair of bridges or culverts.
  • Floodplain Analysis, Mapping, and management programs.
  • Urban drainage facility construction, repair, or improvements.
  • Urban Master Plan Assistance, development and/or implementation.
  • Modeling of the hydrologic and hydraulic aspects of a natural setting or civil projects.
  • Wetland restoration, including the creation, and habitat restoration.
  • Compliance to both state and federal agencies/regulations.
  • Stream bank mitigation, repair, or restoration, and much more

Flooding is a byproduct of global warming. The 2013 flooding in Colorado is an example of how devastating flooding can be to the community and to a state. The damage that is caused by a flood can take decades to correct. The damage to farming, civic, and private lands can be extensive. Understanding this is part of the solution

4Granite Inc. understands the power and science behind flooding events. The expertise and experience of the 4Granite Inc. team allows them to offer comprehensive service and quality construction work that is legal and in compliance with state and federal regulations.

4Granite Inc. takes pride in the high standard of work that they provide. They know how to do the job right the first time. The experience and skill that is offered by the 4Granite Inc. team allows them to analysis complex and difficult flood control problems. The extensive training allows the team to provide construction of safe systems that channel water where it needs to go.

Restoration projects are important to the 4Granite Inc. team. Restoring environments add value to communities and to private properties. Working on sensitive projects and maintain compliance is not just a skill, but also an asset.

As a DVBE company, 4Granite Inc. takes flooding and water control projects seriously. Projects include commercial, governmental, and private sites. Projects range in size from small private projects to huge governmental projects such as dam building.

If you would like information about how the 4Granite Inc. team can help you with your flood control project, just give them a call. They are happy to provide you with detailed answers to all of your flood control questions.