Building Repair and Alterations Southern California4Granite Inc. is a locally owned SDVOSB & DVBE certified company. The 4Granite Inc. team provides construction services to the communities of the High Desert throughout Southern California.

They provide is a complete line of construction services that include Building Repair and Alterations. They are certified by the State of California to provide general contracting services for A, B & HAZ projects. If you have a Building Repair and Alterations project, put the experts at 4Granite Inc. to work for you.

Building Repair and Alterations

4Granite Inc. is licensed to handle building repair and alteration for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) projects that include HVAC installation. With over 16 years of general construction services, 4Granite Inc. has the experience and expertise to repair buildings safely and affordably. Their range of experience deals with brand new ground up projects to full restoration and renovations of residential and commercial buildings.

Each project is headed by a project manager whose job it is to keep the project on time and on budget while enforcing quality building standards. 4Granite Inc. can help obtain all of the proper permits and will help you deal with all inspections.

Electrical and plumbing projects almost always require a permit and an inspection. 4Granite Inc. understands the building codes in your area and applies those standards to all building alteration projects. Installation of HVAC units can be tricky if the unit is positioned on the roof of a structure. That may require that the building to be inspected for structural support. For ground level units, the site must be prepared with a concrete slab, and power must be routed through a conduit to the site.

What is MEP?

MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. 4Granite Inc. holds licenses or certification for MEP projects. 4Granite Inc. is a comprehensive engineering and construction company that can handle small residential projects or large commercial projects.

If you have a project that requires building repairs and alteration or the installation of a HVAC unit, then call 4Granite Inc. The professional team will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with a quote or inspection of the project. 4Granite Inc. has over 16 years of experience in which makes them an expert at building repair and alterations. Call today!