4Granite Inc. is a complete general construction firm that provides quality construction services to all of Southern California and the High Desert communities. One of the services that they provide is to provide turn-key solutions for all of your underground utilities preparation and installation projects.

Southern California Underground Utilities Services4Granite Inc. is a SDVOSB company that is certified:

  • To operate heavy equipment.
  • Nuclear gauge Operator.
  • Forklift Operator.

Other Certification/Licensing include:

  • State of California Class A licensed with HAZ contractor.
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers, Construction Quality Management training, and more.

What are Underground Utilities?

Underground Utilities cover many projects. Those projects include water control such as storm water drainage, water retention such as underground water storage facilities.

Erosional control is another aspect of underground utilities which might include sew construction and repair, installation of water mains, and ground water collection/transport systems. Projects also include public works and governmental utility-jobs such as installation of underground wires for electricity and communication.

How the 4Granite Inc. Team can help your project?

Many of the services provided under the Underground Utility tab are not problems that go away on their own. They are usually just the opposite. Where water is involved, problems tend to escalate. 4Granite Inc. offers quality comprehensive services that are backed by skill, training and experience.

With qualified engineers, 4Granite Inc. can properly perform utility construction that provide solutions that are legal and in compliance with both state and federal regulations. The experience that 4Granite Inc. has gained through education and past jobs makes 4Granite Inc. a very qualified company throughout all of Southern California.

4Granite Inc. can help with permit applications, compliance issues, and inspections. Additional services include new construction projects or the repair of projects that involve past construction. It is not uncommon to find projects that were either not completed properly or that new regulations require upgrades.

4Granite Inc. is qualified to install storm water drainage systems, storm water retention systems and perform sewer system construction or repair. For new projects, water main installation for both commercial and residential properties are also services provided by 4Granite Inc. As a DVBE company, 4Granite Inc. offers complete basic construction solutions to all of your construction projects

4Granite Inc. uses its experience and expertise to provide quality work for the High Desert communities throughout Southern California. If you need comprehensive and professional construction service, then let the experts at 4Granite Inc. help you. Services are available for residential or commercial properties. If you would like more information on how 4Granite Inc. can help your project, please contact them.