Southern California Earth Work and Grading4Granite Inc. is a SDVOSB business that offers a complete service for building and construction. Their Earthwork and Grading is beneficial for all construction projects around the High Desert and throughout the communities of Southern California.

Earthwork and Grading are services that are used to prepare land for the construction phase of projects. This may include flood abatement such as installing adequate drainage or for the preparation of slope for buildings. Proper earthwork and grading projects are used to stabilize land to prevent landslides, hazards such as soil or rock creep, structural damage due to land settling.

The Construction department at 4Granite Inc. has complete experience to manage small projects and large projects like levee construction, dam building and earthen structures. The talent of the 4Granite Inc. team can take a raw environment and make it strongly suited to the project at hand. This means that 4Granite Inc. is qualified to handle slope cutting, subgrade preparation, excavations, earth stabilization projects.

Slop Cutting

The 4Granite Inc. team uses geometry and site evaluation to determine which slope angle is safest for each project site. Proper Slope cutting prevents site issues from developing over time. Those issues may include landslides, erosion, settling, and other problems that cause buildings to become unstable or sites to become unsafe.

Subgrade Preparation

Understanding how soil, rock, and earthen features will respond is an important part of the pre-building process. This includes installation of drainage systems, moisture control, benching, and compaction of fills.


Excavation is not just the process by which dirt or rock is removed. It is fairly extensive in process. Excavations require understand of the earthen structures that are on the site. Being able to see how removing one or more elements from the site can impact the structural stability of the overall site.

An example of this removing dirt or rocks that then causes a slope or hillside to be unstable. Excavations also need to conform to the general plan. This means that clearance needs to be exact, that compaction needs to be uniform and that they both need to match the comply with regulations.

Stabilizing Projects

Stabilizing projects include reducing the risk of mudslides, slope sag, prevention of erosion, and flooding. The projects that 4Granite Inc. works on, varies from levee installation and repair to erosion control. Some of the projects are new, and others include fixing problems created by past construction efforts.

If your project requires earthwork and grading, then give the professional at 4Granite Inc. a call and discuss how a professional team can benefit your project. 4Granite Inc. is a DVBE company that serves all of Southern California and the High Desert communities.