Rollins Construction and Trucking LLC – Pipe Fusion – Mojave

Ahtna Design-Build, Inc. – Construct MCCS Warehouse – Bridgeport

Air Tech Services – MGM Grand Laundry

American Pacific Borates – Ft. Cady – Pad Building

Stantec Consulting Services Inc. – Santa Fe Dam to CSU – Fort Collins, CO

American Pacific Borates – Ft. Cady Cleanup – Newberry Springs

Tekko – Crane Operator – UT & NV

Peraton Inc. – DSS-14 Pipe Welding and Excavation

Peraton Inc. – DSS-14 Bilge Cooling System

Specialty Minerals – Loader, Operator, Haul Truck Driver, and Laborer T&M

Station Electric – Super 10 Trucking

Stantec Consulting Services Inc. – Bellefield/Mojave Test Pits/Pile Test

Peraton Inc. – Ft. Irwin – G97 Carpet/Flooring

T.R.L. Systems, Inc. – Nurse Call System for Veterans Home – Barstow

Station Electric – Trucking

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. – Navajo Power – Cameron Solar

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. – Boulder City Test Piles

North Wind Construction Services, LLC – Apple Valley Illegal Grow Clean Up

Department of Veterans Affairs – Kitchen Pipeline Replacement at Veterans Home – Barstow

Department of Veterans Affairs – Hydronic Loop – Phase 2 at Veterans Home – Barstow

Arizona Pipeline Co. – Red Ant Landing

Arizona Pipeline Co. – Main St., Barstow – Pipeline Digging Trucking Support

SDCRAA Airport Support Facility – Mezzanine Decking

APTIM Federal Services, LLC – Field Labor Services – GAFB

BT Trucking & TRUX – Summer Kramer JCT Trucking

Air Tech Services – Evan’s Hotel Laundry – Concrete Work

Tekko – Winnemucca, NV – Crane Operator

Department of Veterans Affairs – Hydronic Loop Emergency Repair Service at Veterans Home – Barstow

Geo-Logic and  Associates – Palos Verdes Landfill – Design and Installation of Groundwater Extraction Well E19

Peraton Inc. – Ft Irwin – G97 Roof Repairs

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. – Slate Solar Project – Lemoore

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. – California City Test Pits/Pile Test – 8me Eland 1

JMS Contracting LLC and EnviroSpark Energy Solutions, Inc. – Coso JCT Store – Charging Equipment Installation

Concourse Federal Group – VA Field North

Northwind, Inc. – Winter BLM Trash Clean-Up

Department of Veterans Affairs – Repair Water Well Pump at WLAVAHCS

Arcadis U.S., Inc. – Vandenberg AFB (Lompoc, CA) – SLC 3 Excavation

Trinity Construction – Lehigh Hanson (Concord, CA)

Tekko – Compass Minerals Work (Ogden, UT)

Tekko – Barrick Gold Mine Work (Elko, NV)

Steam Generation Corporation – AZ Concrete Work

Stantec Consulting Services Inc. – KB Homes (LA, CA)

FH II Home Builders, Inc. – Eagle Crest – Lancaster 43 – Earthwork

California Institute of Technology – Seismic Stations

Zip Ty Racing – Adelanto Grand Prix – Equipment Rental and Operator

High Desert Baptist Church – Building Demolition and Disposal

Portal Ridge Solar, LLC – Perimeter Wind Break/Visual Barrier Tree Planting Effort

Northwind, Inc. – 2017 Summer BLM Trash Pick-Up

Northwind, Inc. – Trash Pick-Up (Evanston, WY)

Liberty Utilities – Apple Valley Hilltop Tank Rock Fall Protection and Hillside Stabilization

Department of Veterans Affairs – Kitchen Sewer Line Repairs at Veterans Home – Barstow

Core Energy LLC – Kettleman City, CA – Tesla Charging Station

Core Energy LLC – 91808 Baker Blvd, CA – Tesla Charging Station

APTIM Federal Services, LLC – MMRP Assistance at Former George Air Force Base

Avangrid Texas Renewables, LLC – Baffin Erosion Remediation (Sarita, TX)

Arizona Pipeline Co. – Trucking (Las Vegas, NV)

Arcadis U.S., Inc. – Vandenberg AFB (Lompoc, CA) – Soil Excavation

Arcadis U.S., Inc. – Vandenberg AFB (Lompoc, CA) – Vegetation Removal

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. – Rosamond – RE Gaskell West LLC

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. – Lemoore Mustang 2

Rio Tinto Minerals – Repair AVEK Water Line Leak

North Wind, Inc. – Water Truck (Randsburg, CA)

North Wind, Inc. – Trash Pick-Up (Highland, CA)

North Wind, Inc. – Trash Pick-Up (Evanston, WY)

North Wind, Inc. – Trash Pick-Up (Indio, CA)

City Ventures – Morgan Hill 6

Christianbelle Electric – Palmdale Aerospace Academy

Anderson & Howard Electric, Inc. – Harbour Drive – Overhead Feeder

CB&I Federal Services, LLC – Former George Air Force Base Landfill Cover Project

Department of Veterans Affairs – Mechanical Room Restoration at Veterans Home – Barstow

Rio Tinto Minerals – Dewatering K5

Rio Tinto Minerals – FCC Pond 6A1 Valve Pad and Pipeline

Rio Tinto Minerals – P531 BAP Pond 6 LCRS Automation

Rio Tinto Minerals – BAP Pond Bypass System Piping and Valves

Rio Tinto Minerals – Slope Prep and Hydroseeding

Rio Tinto Minerals – Tortoise Fence Construction

Rio Tinto Minerals – P567 Raise BAP Ponds 1-5 (LCRS Restore) – Caisson Pumps

Rio Tinto Minerals – Mine Dewatering Well Pipeline

California Institute of Technology – CARMA Road Restoration

California Institute of Technology – CARMA Concrete Removal

Department of Veterans Affairs – Repair/Replace Roofs on 126A, 155, and 126 at VA Long Beach Healthcare System

Rio Tinto Minerals – P559 Raise BAP Ponds 1-5 Fence and Scarification

Rio Tinto Minerals – Shrub Island Support

Rio Tinto Minerals – Borax Road Rumble Strip Road Work

Department of Veterans Affairs – Therapy Patient Care Area Conversion at VA Long Beach Healthcare System

Rio Tinto Minerals – Tortoise Berm Maintenance

Rio Tinto Minerals – Summer 2014 Pipe and Miscellaneous Repairs

Rio Tinto Minerals – Environmental Re-Vegetation Supplemental Watering and Repairs

Rio Tinto Minerals – Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Relocation

Rio Tinto Minerals – BAP Pond Capacity Upgrade

Anderson & Howard Electric, Inc. – 2000 Feet of Trench and SP2 Pad

Rio Tinto Minerals – Berm Construction

TEPA LLC/Department of Homeland Security – Heliport Landing Strip & Hangar

Customs and Border Protection (Department of Homeland Security) – Hangar 373 March AFB

Department of Homeland Security – Break Room Remodels

Department of Homeland Security – Browns Field Sidewalk Crack and Joint Repair

Rio Tinto Minerals – Emergency Dewatering

Rio Tinto Minerals – Cascading Detention Basins

Rio Tinto Minerals – J-Stand Water Fill Station

Rio Tinto Minerals – North Rim Drainage Repair and Plug Dump Dozing