4Granite Inc. is a quality general construction company that offers outstanding building, remodeling and renovation services to all of Southern California and the communities of the High Desert area. With a highly skilled team, 4Granite Inc. is capable of commercial remodel jobs that include tenant improvements. 4Granite Inc. is a SDVOSB, and as a business 4Granite Inc. understands the importance of your business. That is why they offer the highest quality construction services that are managed to be on time and on budget.

Tenant Improvements

Tenant improvements cover quite a few types of projects. All of which, 4Granite Inc. has experience in handling. Our goal is to make you and your tenants happy with the results and the entire renovation experience. Whether the project involves Office Tenant Improvements, Healthcare facility renovation or improvements, Retail and Restaurant improvements, or service work, the 4Granite Inc. team will always be professional, courteous and experienced.

Southern California Tenant Improvement ManagementProject Management

Each project is assigned a project management that not only monitors the quality of the work, solves problems, but also keeps you informed throughout the entire improvement process. 4Granite Inc. brings a ton of experience to each project. With over 16 years of construction and mining experience, 4Granite Inc. is the professional construction team to call. The entire team is committed to each project. They are experienced and licensed as an A, B & HAZ construction company through the State of California.

Project Types

4Granite Inc. works on all types of projects and bring the benefits of tenant improvements to your building. Projects include green conversion, which help to decrease energy usage/costs while improving thermal efficiency. Conversion projects that convert a building from one use to another. Esthetics and facade improvements which help to increase property value and retail/commercial value for you and your tenants. Environmental improvements for grounds and buildings. Repair services for all types of buildings. Irrigation and water control projects and more.

4Granite Inc. is a DVBE company that provides outstanding, professional construction services to all types of industry. Those include agricultural properties, Fuel Stations, Civic buildings, Bank construction, Automotive, Grocery Store and Convenience Store construction and improvements. Project size range from small one unit improvements to an entire building remodeling.

For more information about how 4Granite Inc. can help you improve the value of your building, please call the 4Granite Inc. team today.