4Granite Inc. is a quality construction company that provides a wide variety of construction services, including Emergency Repair and Response services to all of Southern California and the High Desert Communities. As an SDVOSB business, quality is always part of every job when you use 4Granite Inc.

Emergency Services

The construction teams at 4Granite Inc. are ready and available for emergency services and response to emergency situations. The 4Granite Inc. Emergency Response team is fully qualified to evaluate, plan, and implement a plan of action to reduce or mitigate an emergency situation.

Emergency Services Include

  • Assisting local government and civil emergency response teams with seamless integration.
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving to mitigate the emergency.
  • Road closure and traffic control.
  • Flood abatement and water drainage issues.
  • Equipment failure bypass and calibration.
  • Fire containment.
  • Ventilation emergencies for odor elimination.

Follow Repair Services

  • Repairs to all components and construction.
  • Modification and expansion of systems.
  • Gas Chromatograph maintenance and repair.
  • Condensate and leachate pump repair or installation
  • Pipe repair.
  • Pump diagnostic and repair/replace.
  • Odor complaint and mitigation.
  • Hazardous Waste clean up.
  • And much more.

Emergencies come in all sizes and can strike at any time. That is why 4Granite Inc. has designated emergency teams available at all times. The emergency response and repair teams are highly qualified professionals that can handle an emergency on their own or as an extension of your team. The 4Granite Inc.

Emergency team is lead by a project manager who will make sure that the 4Granite Inc. team integrates into you the process in a seamless fashion. As a DVBE business, 4Granite Inc. will put its construction services to work for you. 4Granite Inc. has equipment, supplies, and qualified personnel available to help mitigate emergency situations. 4Granite Inc. also is capable of clean up, and post emergency follow up that includes services that are designed to fix/repair damages caused by an emergency or to replace and rebuild systems that are designed to prevent future emergency situations from occurring.

The 4 granite Inc emergency response team is available throughout Southern California and the High Desert region as well as throughout nearby states. If you need emergency construction assistance, do not hesitate to call the 4Granite Inc. team. Put experts emergency mitigation people to work on your emergency situation.