4Granite Inc. is a locally owned SDVOSB & DVBE certified company. The 4Granite Inc. team provides construction services to the communities of the High Desert throughout Southern California.

They provide a complete line of construction services that include Underground Tank Removal and Remediation. They are licensed and certified by the State of California to provide general contracting services for A, B & HAZ projects. If you have an underground Tank Removal and Remediation project, put the experts at 4Granite Inc. to work for you.

Underground Tank Removal and Remediation

Southern California Underground Tank Removal and Remediation

Removing and underground tank is a risky venture that may involve dealing with environmental remediation. Underground tanks have been a very common form of storage of hazardous materials for decades. Whether the tank contains sewage or fossil fuels, the process needs to be handled by people who are experts at dealing with both the removal, and remediation the environment. 4Granite Inc. has the experience and knowledge safely to handle all underground tank removal projects, and if needed any remediation that might be required.

What 4Granite Inc can do for you:

  • Evaluation of the site for exposure risks, including soil sample testing.
  • Groundwater Monitoring and Testing
  • Site set-up including specific target levels.
  • Permit Process and inspections as needed by Federal, State and local laws.
  • Safe removal and legal disposal of the storage tank.
  • Environmental management of contained liquids.
  • Environmental remediation of contamination.
  • Sit restoration and fill, including site monitoring and testing.

4Granite Inc. is a capable and skilled asset in any and all types of tank removal projects. Their long list of licenses and certification are backed by years of experience, including working in sensitive environmental areas that are highly regulated by Federal, State, and Local authority. They are certified for hazardous waste removal and abatement. They have all of the proper tools and resources available to manage a project of any size.

If you would like more information about an underground tank removal project with or without remediation, just call the experts at 4Granite Inc. The profession team will be happy to answer all of your questions.