“4Granite, Inc. has performed multiple construction projects for numerous departments at Boron Operations for over 5 years. These projects have included HDPE pipeline installations for various pumping system needs, concrete work, construction of utility buildings, dirt work and grading, tortoise fence installation, and assistance with reclamation projects just to name a few.

4Granite, Inc. has always been very easy to work with in each stage of a project from obtaining accurate estimates, contract negotiations, performing the work, responding to changes in plans during construction, and completion of projects. They are always willing to provide good input for ideas on how to improve designs and projects as well.

Many of the projects that 4Granite has worked on at Boron Operations have been under emergency/high stress circumstances where things could easily go wrong. 4Granite management and crews have always been able to rise to the challenge under these circumstances and get the work done in a safe and timely manner.

We have been very pleased with the performance of all of the crews that have performed work at our site as well as are very impressed at the safety culture that 4Granite, Inc. has adopted and instilled into their crews. The 4Granite work crews and project management have been amenable to adopt the Rio Tinto safety systems as their own or adjust their systems to more closely resemble those of Rio Tinto which has been very helpful. As such, 4Granite has been able to successfully complete the projects that they’ve been awarded with very low incident rates.

With the history of successful completion of projects and the positive safety culture of 4Granite, Inc. that we’ve experienced here at Boron Operations, I would definitely recommend further use of their services.”