Thank you for considering PUF-Seal for your sealing needs.

PUF-Seal is available in several packaged options.

  • Boxed cases, 1 cubic yard.  A case consists of three 1/3 cubic yard boxes; a case weighs approximately 66-70 lbs.
  • Bucket sets, packaged in 5 gal bucket sets that produce 1 1/2 cubic yards.  A bucket set weighs approximately 99 lbs.
  • Barrel sets, packaged in 55 gal barrel sets that produce a little over 13 cubic yards. A barrel set weighs approximately 960 lbs.

Additionally we offer PUF-Seal installed for $400 per cubic yard with a 10-yard minimum within a 200-mile radius from Apple Valley, CA 92308. This price includes PUF-Seal polyurethane foam, false bottom materials, shipping, MSHA certified personnel and prevailing wage labor rates. Additional costs apply for sites that cannot be reasonably accessed by vehicles or by foot. Price does not include dirt moving or soil covering of finished seal.

Boxed case sets
$ 250 per case

5 gallon bucket sets
call for current price

55 gallon barrel sets  – 4 drum sets (A + B) or less
$ 2750 per set

55 gallon barrel sets  – 4 drum sets (A + B) or more
$ 2420 per set

Installed $400 per cubic yard with a 10 cubic yard min.

Shipping is FOB Apple Valley, CA, 92308.

We stock 25 – 40 boxed cases depending on the time of the year for quick shipping, but you should plan on a 3-4 week lead time to be safe.