PUF-Seal® is an environmentally-friendly, water-blown polyurethane sealant:

  • Available in portable 66 lbs, 1 yd3 boxes
  • Available in bucket sets contain 1.5 yds3
  • Available in blik (55-gal barrels) for mechanical application.
  • A light-weight soil alternative that reduces lateral loads behind retaining structures, as well as preventing steep slope failures.
  • Protective media for archaeological, clitural and mineral sample protection during handling & shipping.
  • PPE field kits (disposable coveralls, boot covers, eye goggles, vinyl gloves).
  • Bat-compatible mine gates utilizing BCI specifications; construction standards.
  • Custom design orders for unusual applications in mining and construction.

The Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) has determined that PUF-Seal® is safe for use in underground mines providing the requirements of 30 CFR Part 47 (Hazard Communications) and 30 CFR 57.4560 (Fire-Retardant Timber in Mine Entrances) are followed.